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Awesome April 2024


Welcome to The National Beauty Academy’s April Newsletter. We hope you had a lovely Easter weekend and your Easter baskets were full of treats! This last month in the academy we have been busy bunnies! We are looking forward to April and sharing our latest, Lets dive into this month with enthusiasm and a thirst for knowledge. Lets make April a month of growth and self-investment. Enjoy the newsletter!

Tips for Successful Revision!

Tips to successful revision!

Feeling anxious and stressed about exams is completely normal. Take a deep breath and turn these feelings into a positive action. Don’t delay in getting a plan together – it is much easier to do it now than later!


  • Sleep between 8 – 10 hours a night.
  • Drink lots of water (not high energy/sugary drinks)
  • Eat slow-release carbs (brown bread, rice, pasta, fruit + veg)
  • Exercise for at least 30 mins a day.
  • Take breaks and make time to unwind (shower, bake, or watch a funny film)


  • Using digital devices 30 mins before bed.
  • Drinking coffee, tea or energy drinks in the evening (these will hinder sleep)
  • Negative or stressed people.
  • Comparing yourself to others.
  • Cutting out all the fun in your life.
  • Setting ridiculous goals.


  • Classical music is known to boost brain power. It is less distracting than tracks with lyrics.
  • Break your revision down into small chunks.
  • Set revision goals and treat yourself if you achieve them.
  • Go for walk – fresh air alleviates stress.


Are you stuck for ideas or last minute gifts?

Gift Cards

NBA gift cards for you to purchase in the academy to send to your family, friends or loved ones.

Cuticle Oils 

Glitterbels Cuticle oils available to purchase at reception.

Kits and Stock

We have so many great products in the academy which you can purchase and add to your existing kit. Just ask at reception!

NBA Learners

Our Level 3 Nail Technology Trainees were so happy to be receiving their Glitterbels kits this month, they will now progress onto the Nail Enhancements unit!

New Business Alert! Our learner Jade has recently completed her qualification and began her new venture!

Follow her page! – @_thenailjunkie__